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TETRA MACHINES AND DRILLING EQUIPMENT LTD. Sti. , since 1967 only frame hive in industry, axle, resource adjustments and has taken steps to work with the press work. Drilling machinery and equipment for production, maintenance and use for many years in both domestically and well as abroad many important roles in projects have received specialized staff, drilling equipment and working environment for all types of difficulties, shortcomings and problems very well by analyzing the needs of the industry by considering the year given by Through knowledge and experience, the most accurate and high-quality materials, using the latest innovations in technology has brought to their products, adapting to the production of drilling machinery and equipment began in April 2011. Not only domestic but international market also our company aims TD-1500 (1500m) and TD-2500 (2500m)product code PQ PASS (CORE) MINE DRILLING their machines, no way China and other Far Eastern origin of the materials of a screw, even without the use has produced.

Evolve rapidly ongoing in the sector, ease of use and confidence-inspiring drilling machines and equipment to make the production and customer requirements in accordance with the current market, the most durable, most robust, quality, and economic machinery and equipment to ensure our goals are among the.

Quality and trust never without compromising Our firm produces machines required by the pre-sale and as well as after-sales its continued support with customer satisfaction at the highest level aims to keep proud, although time and place without limitation any kind of support in exporting, our company as a commitment to We are indebted to.